Alcoholism In Native Americans

Native Americans were only consuming alcohol in rituals and dances. Until the 1950’s, when European settlers came over to the Western hemisphere. Alcohol was introduced as a casual drink. After awhile, alcohol was causing substantial problems. Alcohol was being abused. Passive aggressive syndromes and emotional repression contributed to alcohol abuse. Alcohol became an enormous role in homicides, suicides and accidental deaths caused by motor vehicles. There was more cases of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the communities.  Later in the years, it was a Stereotype of the “ Drunken Indian “ , suggests a common belief that Indians suffered more than others from liquor.  Seventeenth century, observers of Indian alcohol use have suggested that something made indians particularly susceptible to alcohol abuse. Some claimed it was a genetic trait. The beginning of the Twenty-first century. The result was there was no evidence that natives possess any genetic predisposition to alcoholism than the general population.                   



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